CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber)

CLT construction is a sustainable and robust solution for a range of building types, including multi-storey apartments, school buildings, office buildings and individual houses. CLT panels are used for floors, walls and roof construction. They can be clad with plasterboard internally, or the panel face can be provided as a finished face.

A typical CLT building system consists of:

  • > Bespoke built CLT structure
  • > Comprehensive package of first and second fix materials, including internal door sets, stairs, insulation and plasterboard (Optional)
  • > High performance windows and doors (Optional)
  • > VCL/air barrier + stage 1 air test (Optional)

All CLT frame building packages are designed to the relevant Eurocode and comply with Building Regulations requirements and are manufactured under strict quality controlled conditions.

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The Main Benefits Of Building With CLT:

More flexible design
The thickness of CLT panels can be increased to exact specifications to allow for longer spans, which then require less interior support elements, which gives greater flexibility in design and construction.

Lower heating bills
CLT panels can be manufactured to precise tolerances, with panel joints fitting tighter, delivering better energy efficiency for the structure. With solid panels there is little potential for airflow through the system and, as a result, interior temperatures of a completed CLT structure can be maintained with just one-third the normally required heating or cooling energy.

Cost effective with easy, fast installation
As CLT panels are prefabricated, erection time is hugely reduced, which improves efficiency and results in lower costs and faster occupancy. Wall, floor and roof elements can be pre-cut, including openings for doors, windows, stairs, service channels and ducts. Insulation and finishes can also be applied prior to installation, reducing increased demand for labour.

Reduces environmental impact for a more sustainable build
CLT provides many environmental benefits in addition to its excellent thermal performance. Wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and is renewable, with studies consistently demonstrating how wood outperforms steel and concrete in terms of energy, air and water pollution. And, as CLT panels are manufactured for specific end-use applications, there is little to no job site waste, with manufacturers able to reuse fabrication scraps for stairs and other architectural elements, or even as biofuel.

Bedfordshire based Excel Off-Site deliver complete off-site Low Carbon Design and build solutio
Bedfordshire based Excel Off-Site deliver complete off-site Low Carbon Design and build solutio
Bedfordshire based Excel Off-Site deliver complete off-site Low Carbon Design and build solutions

Excel Off-Site (DESIGN & BUILD) is responsible for delivering a range of off-site manufactured, panelised systems – SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) >, LIGHT GAUGE STEEL FRAME > pre-insulated TIMBER FRAME >and CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) >, whilst also specialising in the delivery of full project DESIGN & BUILD packages. Here the Excel Off-Site team works with a dedicated team of architects, consultants and sub-contractors to manage the complete and full build process to ensure that the benefits of utilising an off-site system are maximised project by project. DESIGN & BUILD >

Of critical importance to the overall aesthetic appeal and energy performance of any building development - domestic residence, apartment scheme or commercial structure – is its external appearance. And central to this is the choice and specification of the ultimate finishing statement of a property - its WINDOWS, DOORS & ARCHITECTUAL GLAZING.