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Top Tips For Buying Stylish And Energy Efficient Windows, Doors And Architectural Glazing

The outlook for windows, doors and architectural glazing has never been brighter and whist the importance of windows and doors from an architectural design standpoint is well documented, never has their role been as varied and valued as it is today.

With sustainability and low carbon being the all-important factors reverberating around society, and rightly so, coupled with the negative impact that increases in energy prices are having on households nationwide, it is here that high performance, sustainable glazing products have an increasingly significant role to play.

Whether in relation to new build schemes or refurbishment projects, today’s products tick a raft of boxes. Here we take a look at all of their relevant plus points, together with what should be considered ahead of a specification or selection being made.

1) Add Value And Style To Your Home

Of critical importance to the overall aesthetic or kerb appeal of any development - domestic residence, apartment scheme or commercial structure – is its external appearance. And central to this is the choice and specification of the ultimate finishing statement of a property - its windows, doors and other glazed elements, such as luxurious wintergardens, bi-folding doors, glass houses and canopies. There is, after all, nothing more pleasing to the eye than a building or structure where the choice, finish and colour serve to add that Je ne sais quoi, whilst also serving to enhance how you may use your home.

Whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, the choice in terms of material composition, styles and colours has never been greater. However, if you’re looking for kerb appeal with quality guaranteed, then it is here that aluminium-clad timber, timber, or aluminium solutions really do tick all the boxes.   

2) Make Your Home Energy Efficient - And Save Money!

In today’s environment of rapidly increasing energy costs, choosing a product or suite of window and door solutions that are proven to be highly thermally efficient has never been more important. Of equal consideration, is their ability to help not only make interior environments more comfortable to live in, but they also help deliver sustainability benefits by helping reduce all-important carbon emissions. Today, for example, U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2k can be achieved, suitable for Passivhaus passive standard homes.     

3) Choose the best home Security Protection

Feeling safe and secure in our homes is incredibly important. And whilst most intruder issues emanate from breaches of door and window security, the propensity has been reduced significantly due to advances in the technology deployed. So, choosing the best window and door security hardware is very much the order of the day and your supplier will be able to provide help and advice as part of the specification process.     

4) Keep Safety in mind

Here we are talking about the personal safety of the household members. The choice of glass or glazing by type is often crucial based on its purpose, location and placement within a building. So too are the locks, window closure and restraint mechanisms. Do they need to be tamper proof, for example?

5) Invest in the highest quality to save on Maintenance & Whole of Life Costs

Investing in the highest quality window, door and glazing solutions is a big investment decision, and one that is done so vigilantly should deliver a payback for up to 80 years. And during this period of time products that exhibit the best when it comes to minimal, or ease of maintenance is a must. And it is here that your chosen supplier will be able to help. They will provide advice on the best choice of finish based on factors such as exposure to the effects of sunlight, frost, and rain.     

6) Make Sustainability And Low Carbon A Priority

Choosing products from manufacturers who have a proven Pedigree in terms of the environmental credentials is an increasingly important aspect of the decision-making process for many customers.

Whether in relation to material sourcing or the production process, all reputable manufacturers will be more than transparent when it comes to presenting their own audit trail.


Why choose Excel Facades for your window and doors?

Here at Excel Facades, we work with the world’s finest - partnering with industry leading specialists including Velfac®, Solarlux®, Rationel®, and Origin. Our aim is simple: to deliver beautifully designed, bespoke and premium products that serve to tick all of the boxes when it comes to meeting the needs of today’s new build or refurbishment projects – single or multi-dwelling. You will work closely with a single point of contact from inception to complete installation, giving you complete peace of mind every step of the way.

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