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Off-site reductions worth investing in!

Whilst on first viewing such a headline may appear a contradiction in terms, if we take a closer then could it prove to be a win/win situation all round!

So when it comes to the construction arena, self-build, developer or contractor, let’s take a look at how the landscape looks currently.

Carbon Reduction

Whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, the need for the whole world to adopt practices that catalyse sustainable built environments is becoming ever more important. And no longer is it just about the use of replenishable building materials, it’s about addressing whole life carbon emissions. So this is our first touch point where reductions are surely worth investing in.

Cost-Effective Construction

But what if we add into the equation additional criteria that need due consideration as part of the build process. And where does that lead us? Creating the ideal build solution at the lowest possible cost and within an optimum timeframe surely represents the ideal solution, particularly when this can be realised without compromising on the overall design intent, quality of finish and the choice of materials used in construction. Yes, this is our second driver at where cost reductions can deliver a return on investment.

Energy Efficiency

And what about how spiralling energy costs? It’s safe to say that even for the most affluent amongst us, if the cost of heating and lighting a property can be done more efficiently from an environmental and quality of lifestyle standpoint, then it would rank high on the priority list when it comes to any build project. This then is the third reduction well worth investing in.

However, it’s not always about reductions delivering returns on investment! Let’s bring the word ‘increase’ into the equation - but in a powerful and positive way. You may have already guessed, this focus is on ‘increased efficiency,’ a growing and significant demand of any build process from start to completion.

Low Carbon Construction

Having set the scene, let’s now turn our attention to the solution – one proven to deliver the real and tangible reductions that are worth investing in, whilst delivering outstanding levels of performance efficiency for everyone in the process, the environment included – ‘Sustainable Off-site Building Solutions’.

Put quite simply, failing to invest in a sustainable built environment is something none of us can afford. With Modern Methods of Construction serving to deliver both cost reduction benefits under the umbrella of delivering unrivalled efficiencies, why would we?

Appreciating that it’s never a case of one size fits all, Excel Group occupies a unique position in the MMC sector by being able to deliver four different types of high-quality off-site system solutions, not to mention high performance and energy efficient door, window and architectural glazing systems.

So if we are to accelerate sustainability in the built environment, for buildings and structures that range from the most futuristic to classical, there is only one course open to us. One where reductions are certainly worth investing in.

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