The range of building systems and solutions provided by Excel Structures centres on four, complete off-site framed building systems – SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels), Light Gauge Steel Frame pre-insulated Timber Frame and CLT (Cross Laminated Timber).

Proven in their sustainability, each system stands a high performance build solution that delivers efficiencies when it comes to speed of construction, affordability and quality.  

Also on offer is a range of premium, high performance window and door solutions and an off-site Timber Frame system as a complete design, supply and installation package.

Working with a unique supply chain network and utilising tried and tested off-site building systems, self-builders, custom builders, contractors and developers can gain access to a comprehensive design, supply and installation solution based on parameters such as build efficiency, affordability and speed of construction.

SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels)

This is an ideal solution for individual clients, as well as builders and developers looking to deliver a higher level, energy efficient building fabric. Ideally suited for educational buildings, all SIPS packages are proven to exceed the requirements of current building regulations and social housing fund requirements.


Ideally suited for medium rise apartments (up to ten storeys), commercial building, care homes, schools and student accommodation, all light gauge steel frame buildings are not only designed, supplied and installed to comply with NHBC and Building Regulations, but are approved by SCI.

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)

CLT construction is a sustainable and robust solution for a range of building types, including multi-storey apartments, school buildings, office buildings and individual houses. CLT panels are used for floors, walls and roof construction. They can be clad with plasterboard internally, or the panel face can be provided as a finished face.

Timber Frame

Utilised in the UK since the mid 1950s, timber frame continues to gain in popularity. Indeed it remains one of the most proven off-site building systems, irrespective of end use application.