SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels)

This is an ideal solution for individual clients, as well as builders and developers looking to deliver a higher level, energy efficient building fabric. Ideally suited for educational buildings, all SIPS packages are proven to exceed the requirements of current building regulations and social housing fund requirements.

As such, SIPS stand as a simple, single panel solution, which deliver inherent air tightness and integral insulation as part of the structural external wall and roof components.

A typical SIPS timber frame building system consists of:

  • > Bespoke design
  • > Range of panel thicknesses/thermal performance levels with inherent air tightness
  • > External walls and roof panels
  • > Studwork internal partitions
  • > Engineered floor joist system and protected floor deck
  • > Comprehensive package of first and second fix materials, including internal door sets, stairs, insulation and plasterboard (Optional)
  • > High performance windows and doors (Optional)
  • > VCL and service battens + stage 1 air test (Optional)

All SIPS packages can be designed, supplied and installed to create a complete weather tight/air tight envelope.

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Main Benefits Of Building With Structural Insulated Panels - SIPS:

Lower heating bills
SIPs are one of the most environmentally responsible building systems available with the ability to cut the amount of energy used to heat and a cool a room by up to 50%.

As SIPs are more energy efficient, quieter, stronger and more draft free than older systems, they can provide lower heating bills and increased control and comfort in your indoor environment. The great result is lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

More flexible design
SIPs can offer a vast array of possibilities for architects and designers – their unique features allow for unusual building shapes that other construction methods are unable to rival. 

Cost effective with easy, fast installation
A home built using SIPs can be erected much faster than a traditionally constructed building by 30-40%. Owing to this increased building speed, on-site labour costs can be dramatically reduced.

More space in the roof
A SIPs roof structure does not need roof trusses, which provides more space in the roof should additional accommodation be required.

Lightweight construction
A SIPs structure has a lightweight shell, making them easy to handle and install, whilst also eliminating the need for a heavy foundation design.

Reduces environmental impact for a more sustainable build
Offsite construction is a low impact construction solution that not only minimises waste on and off site but also reduces the number of deliveries needed to be made to site. Building with SIPs therefore results in less transportation, congestion, noise and traffic pollution, which significantly lowers energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Bedfordshire based Excel Off-Site deliver complete off-site Low Carbon Design and build solutio
Bedfordshire based Excel Off-Site deliver complete off-site Low Carbon Design and build solutio
Bedfordshire based Excel Off-Site deliver complete off-site Low Carbon Design and build solutions

Excel Off-Site (DESIGN & BUILD) is responsible for delivering a range of off-site manufactured, panelised systems – SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) >, LIGHT GAUGE STEEL FRAME > pre-insulated TIMBER FRAME >and CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) >, whilst also specialising in the delivery of full project DESIGN & BUILD packages. Here the Excel Off-Site team works with a dedicated team of architects, consultants and sub-contractors to manage the complete and full build process to ensure that the benefits of utilising an off-site system are maximised project by project. DESIGN & BUILD >

Of critical importance to the overall aesthetic appeal and energy performance of any building development - domestic residence, apartment scheme or commercial structure – is its external appearance. And central to this is the choice and specification of the ultimate finishing statement of a property - its WINDOWS, DOORS & ARCHITECTUAL GLAZING.