Timber Frame

Utilised in the UK since the mid 1950s, timber frame continues to gain in popularity. Indeed it remains one of the most proven off-site building systems, irrespective of end use application.

Not surprisingly, Excel Structures provide a complete design, supply and installation timber frame build package. Whether being used for a multi-unit site of houses and apartments or domestic property, the package content is flexible and tailored to suit specific customer requirements.

A typical timber frame building system consists of:

  • > Bespoke design
  • > External walls and roof panels
  • > Studwork internal partitions
  • > Engineered floor joist system and protected floor deck
  • > Comprehensive package of first and second fix materials, including internal door sets, stairs, insulation and plasterboard (Optional)
  • > High performance windows and doors (Optional)
  • > VCL and service battens + stage 1 air test (Optional)

All timber frame systems are delivered and erected on site, made temporarily weather tight and ready for the final roof covering. They are fully compliant with NHBC and Building Regulations requirements and are manufactured under strict quality controlled conditions.

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Main Benefits Of Building With Timber Frame:

Lower heating bills
Timber materials are natural insulators and when installed for windows, doors, and floors, they help control the temperature indoors to maintain a comfortable living environment. As they naturally have thermal insulating properties, they reduce energy consumption for heating or cooling, boosting a completed home’s overall energy efficiency.

Durability and flexible design
A timber frame is highly durable and strong. With high-quality installation they can last for centuries, whilst using timber as the main building material also gives you endless design possibilities.

Cost effective with easy, fast installation
As timber materials are so lightweight, flexible and versatile, they are easier and quicker to build and results in lower costs and faster occupancy.

Natural material for ecology and sustainability
Choosing a timber frame is not only ecological and sustainable as a renewable building material but it is environmentally friendly. As a non-toxic, natural material, no chemicals are released into the air to compromise people’s health or have a  negative impact on the environment.

Bedfordshire based Excel Off-Site deliver complete off-site Low Carbon Design and build solutio
Bedfordshire based Excel Off-Site deliver complete off-site Low Carbon Design and build solutio
Bedfordshire based Excel Off-Site deliver complete off-site Low Carbon Design and build solutions

Excel Off-Site (DESIGN & BUILD) is responsible for delivering a range of off-site manufactured, panelised systems – SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) >, LIGHT GAUGE STEEL FRAME > pre-insulated TIMBER FRAME >and CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) >, whilst also specialising in the delivery of full project DESIGN & BUILD packages. Here the Excel Off-Site team works with a dedicated team of architects, consultants and sub-contractors to manage the complete and full build process to ensure that the benefits of utilising an off-site system are maximised project by project. DESIGN & BUILD >

Of critical importance to the overall aesthetic appeal and energy performance of any building development - domestic residence, apartment scheme or commercial structure – is its external appearance. And central to this is the choice and specification of the ultimate finishing statement of a property - its WINDOWS, DOORS & ARCHITECTUAL GLAZING.